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duv duv Visual Disk Usage draws interactive and hardcopy maps of disk usage by directory hierarchy, owner, tail of name, and age. GPLv2
e2boot4c boots Linux kernel by name from ext2 filesystem (1KB blocks) GPLv2
elfvector transfer vector for faster and smaller subroutine linkage between ELF modules (main program and shared libraries). GPLv2
ftp moved to http: here
glibc-audit glibc fetches no uninitialized internal bytes, neither passes them to the kernel
glibc-memlap glibc optionally detects, diagnoses, and works around overlap in memcpy
gzip_x86 gzip tuned for decompression speed (25% faster) on Linux/x86. Source here.
jumpstart run with shared libraries already loaded. GPLv2
LzmaFlow easier-to-understand Lzma decompressor; LGPL/CPL
mbr03 Master Boot Record (sector 0 of disk) lists and boots any partition. GPLv2
rtldi indirect runtime loader juggles multiple versions of glibc6 on Linux/x86. GPLv2
tsprof gives a subroutine execution profile (counts and times) with no recompiling and no relinking. Displays interactive and hardcopy graphics, plus tabular text. Also pmprof for CPU events such as cache misses, and tssum to combine multiple runs into one analysis. From $79
tub evade TASK_UNMAPPED_BASE to control contiguous address space on Linux/x86. GPLv2
tunelfso faster exec with shared libraries; earlier and slightly different from elfvector. GPLv2
xstat32_EOVERFLOW wrapper shared library mitigates problems with 64-bit inode numbers in programs for 32-bit Linux. GPLv2
zlib_arm zlib tuned for decompression speed (upto 50% faster) on ARM-based processors.

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