zlib_arm -- faster decompression on ARM processors

BitWagon Software LLC
March 2005

zlib_arm is drop-in replacement software which decompresses 10%, 20%, even 50% faster than zlib-1.2.2 on ARM-based processors.  Results vary depending on processor core, memory system, and features used.  If the seconds tick away while your portable intelligent device decompresses zlib data, then zlib_arm can help.  Give your product the edge it needs in the marketplace, by giving your customers the speed they want.  Get zlib_arm today.

zlib_arm delivers speed by using better register allocation and instruction scheduling, by exploiting features of ARM processor architecture, by tending the memory system with care, and by paying attention to the software environment.

zlib_arm is available under a commercial/proprietary license with source code.  Contact sales@BitWagon.com.
C-language changes that save a couple percent are in this drop-in replacement for inffast.c from zlib-1.2.2.

ARM is a registered trademark of ARM Limited.